Railers Booster Club At-Large Board Nominees

Nominees for the 2021-2023 Railers Booster Club At-Large Board Positions:

Below is the list of candidates for the upcoming election. The candidates had the option to
submit an essay for consideration, please find the submitted essays on the following pages.

Jay Madison       Wendy Leblanc     Paul Hanson      Darryl Hunt

Donna Ahaesy      John Curtin      Tina Stark              Jen Brown     George Pescaro

John Curtin
Hi there, my name is John Curtin and I’m running for an at-large seat on the Booster Club
board. I think the Worcester hockey community is in for an exciting year, and the Railers
Booster Club has a real opportunity to keep building on the great work the Club has been doing
since the Railers came to town. I want to work with members to come up with new ideas and
find ways to breathe new life into the things we’re already doing. We’re the best booster club
in the league, and I want to help make sure we stay that way.

Jay Madison
Hello! My name is Jay Madison, and I would like to tell you a bit about myself and my desire to
be on the Railers Booster Club Board.
I was born in Massachusetts and a resident of the Worcester area since 1975. I was raised and
schooled in Spencer and Worcester, and I currently live in Barre. I feel a great sense of
connection to this community and enjoy doing what I can to be a larger part of it. I do my best
to help many local charities which include the local food banks, Veteran’s Inc. & the Worcester
Animal Rescue League. I have always enjoyed donating to any of the Railers and Booster Club
charity raffles. (Even though I never did get a Turcotte Jersey) In fact, you have probably seen
me handing out some of the free giveaways at the DCU center doors before a game many
times. I love being there to welcome fans (even from the opposing team) and see the kids’
smiling faces.
I am a self-employed tool distributor working in the Worcester area. I have found that many of
my customers are Railers or hockey fans. I have enjoyed being able to treat many of them to
home games. For some of them it was their first Railers game and I am happy to say I have seen
many of them return for more.
I have also really enjoyed being a part of the Worcester hockey community for many years.
Although we really miss the Sharks, my wife and I were pleased to become Founders Club
members when this team was formed. I would like to become a larger part of the Railers
community. Being voted a member of the Railers Booster Club Board would be a great honor
and allow me the opportunity to give that much more of myself to all the great things the
Railers Booster Club does for our community and our awesome Railers team.
Thank you for your consideration.

Paul Hanson
I have been going to games since Worcester Icecats and a season ticket holder for the past 9
years, I enjoyed bringing my children and watching them have fun and become friends with
some of the players, now I can watch my grandchildren do the same.
I enjoy working the front door on giveaway games and the rally tunnel, and would like to be on
the board to get involved with more things and maybe bring new things to the table.
Also I own PMH Properties and over the years have made some monetary donations to the
Booster Club, when asked and could afford it (buying small appliances for Railers apartments)
and donating tickets.

Jen Brown
My name is Jen Brown. I am Jeremy JJ’s mom. We have been members of the booster club
through all the Sharks and now Railer’s years. We have been very lucky to be able to enjoy
hockey and other sporting events. I believe very strongly in giving back to others. The mission of
the booster club is all about giving others the opportunities they may not ever had a chance to
experience. I have supported the booster club efforts but now want to be more active in the
daily duties of a board member. I have been a part of many service organizations over the
years. Our Booster club has proven how important and needed we are to the community and I
hope to further that mission. I enjoy finding new ways to fundraise. I have a background in
finance and feel I could be an asset to continuing and forwarding our mission.

Donna Ahaesy
Hello, my name is Donna Ahaesy and I have been nominated to be a member of the board for
the Worcester Railers Booster Club. Since I was born Worcester hockey has been an influential
part of my life. Growing up being a part of our hockey family is something I am extremely
thankful for. Throughout my twenty-five years I have been a dedicated, proud, and as everyone
knows a loud member of our community. I have continued to volunteer my time at different
booster club events, have attended hundreds of games and cheered for our boys win or lose,
and have grown as a young woman through it all. If I am elected as a member of the booster
club, I hope to continue to use my voice, bring new ideas to the table, help at many more
events, and make not just myself proud but make our Booster Club and organization proud.
Being a member of the board has been something I have wanted to do for many years, and I am
at a point in my life where I am ready to make more of a difference. Thank you for taking the
time to consider me, I do not take this lightly and I hope that when making final decisions I am
one of the chosen new board members.